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Just your friendly neighborhood trans kid!

Hey! I'm Tom Phelan! They/Them/Their pronouns, please! You may know me from The Fosters, where I play Cole! You may also know me from my AP US History Class, where I manage to scrape by with a B+ average! Wherever, whatever, you're cool. It's nice to meet you.
Oct 14 '14

svlken asked:

Ya selfies got me phelan a certain type of way (idek if that works idk how you pronounce ur last name)


and sorry to bum you out, it’s pronounced “fay-len” :(

but my last name is so awesome. translated back into old irish it means “little wolf” which is so frickin bad ass >:)

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Oct 11 '14

hey everyone! if you’re going to Models of Pride tomorrow let me know! i’ll see you there!!

Oct 8 '14

um!!!! again!!! please stop talking about my weight/body on the internet!!!!! do it as much as you want with your friends or in places that I can’t see but honestly it really sucks that I have to say this again!!!

Oct 5 '14
  • me: [finishes wolf in white van]
  • me: ok
  • me: [cries]
Oct 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is it possible to be asexual and transgender? Because that's kinda how I feel... and I feel really stupid for feeling that way.

omg of course it is!!! sexuality and gender are often, but not always, entirely different spheres. you are allowed to be any combination you feel fits you! there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ace and trans, and you’re super cool! have a good day <3

Oct 3 '14
Oct 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is Maia nice?

she’s one of the funniest, sweetest, goofiest people ever, and is a total blast to work with.

Oct 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering what being on the set of The Fosters is like. I mean, are they all super nice and stuff?

it’s one of the most wonderful, supportive, lovely places on earth. everyone is so passionate and proud of what they’re making, and everyone is totally goofy and hilarious, even when shoots go late into the night. all of us in the girls united group have become such great friends, and working with them is some of the most fun i’ve ever had.

Sep 29 '14

Anonymous asked:

How would you deal with very religious, conservative parents, who isolate you and make it hard to figure out who you are? If it's for me to ask advice.

i’m so sorry. that, pardon my french, fucking sucks. 

to be perfectly honest, i have no experience with this, and i don’t want to give bad advice. the one thing i can say is keeping yourself safe comes first. there is absolutely no pressure to come out if you feel like it would make your environment unsafe.

Sep 29 '14

horrorxbabe asked:

Do you have somewhere I can send you things? I wanna send you a letter ♡

i’m sorry, i don’t! but my ask is always open <3